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Tweets – the day is supposed to get brighter after sunrise, but it pretty much went the other way this morning. There was a gorgeous dawn at around 4:45, but once the sun was above the heavy overcast, the clouds just seemed to get thicker and the day darker. Eventually we had a lengthy drizzle – still not amounting to enough to soak through my fleece, but still...

July is known as “The Doldrums” amongst us Marymoorons, and the day’s darkness just made that worse. Not a lot of excitement, not many birds sitting up singing, etc.


Hooded Merganser Female with 4 “teenage” young at Rowing Club pond
Common Merganser 2 flew by
Green Heron 1 at weir
Osprey 2 young on nest, at least 4 adults seen
Virginia Rail Heard “two and three part calls (imm.)” as per Sibley App
Spotted Sandpiper 1 adult at weir
Black Swift 3 HIGH over mansion area
Anna’s Hummingbird Only 1, and that after the walk
Belted Kingfisher Adult male, adult female, juvenile
Western Wood-Pewee Active nest over Rowing Club parking lot
Tree Swallow Only 3-4, but one still-active nest at Pea Patch
Violet-green Swallow 100+
Black-thr. Gray Warbler 1 Juvenile in willows below weir

The VIRGINIA RAIL was our first detection since March.

The BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER is early for a Fall sighting.

For the day, 58 species of bird, plus many bunnies and squirrels, 3-4 deer, and 3 beavers.

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