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Hey tweets, Rachel Lawson's recent post about seeing close-up a pair of MAMU at Discovery Park reminded me that on Father's Day, we saw a single MAMU in breeding plumage fishing off the jetty at the Shilshole marina. It was actually one of the most thrilling sights I've seen, as the bird had found (or perhaps made) a baitball of small fish that it repeatedly dove through and then reformed into a ball again. I've seen this kind of thing on TV before, but never in real life.

Rachel's sighting and mine have raised a question in my mind: Where are these birds nesting? I would presume that a bird in breeding plumage in mid-June would be nesting, right? If it is true that MAMUs can fly up to 50 miles from nest to feeding grounds, where would be the old growth to support these birds? Or should we assume that the MAMU we see at this time of year in Seattle have failed to nest, or are all done nesting?

What gives? - Connie, Seattle

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