[Tweeters] Ruth Sullivan's passing, Monday July 4th, 2016.

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I have some good Ruth memories, too. I remember going out to Ocean Shores for my first Dickcissel and when I knocked on the door of the house that it was at, Ruth opened the door and took me over to see it through a back window. Meanwhile the homeowner was kind of fumbling in the background. Ruth always knew how to take charge of a location. When I went over to Cheney to see a Northern Hawk-Owl, I got there kind of late in the day and the bird had moved several blocks away. But within a couple of minutes of looking for it at the old regular spot, Ruth drove up and told me to follow her over to where it was then hanging out. She always was the best at sharing birds rare and common with everyone.


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Dear Tweets,

with sorrow I write to share the passing of Ruth Sullivan last Monday July 4th. Although unexpected, Ruth recently was not doing well and peacefully passed during the day. Ruth's passion and enthusiasm for birding touched decades for many bird watchers, and her spirit and posts in tweeters will be missed. From her readily recognizable email, godwit513, to her red Nissan with the license plate, Red knot, if Ruth was in the area most birders were aware of her big personality packed into a small framed human being. Ruth spent her final days with her beloved dog, Toby, and good friend Igor. My understanding is that donations in Ruth's name can be made to the Patrick Sullivan Young Birder's Fund at the Washington Ornithological Society and the Tahoma Audubon Association in Tacoma. Ruth is survived by two sisters who live in Berlin, Germany, as well more distant relatives (a nephew) here in the States.

May Ruth rest in peace, and I hope she enjoys the birding on the other side.

with empathy,

Shep Thorp


Shep Thorp

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