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It had been some time since I'd run into her, but like others of you in Tweeterland, I have fond memories of Ruth as well. Ruth was often a real crack-up--she could be highly eccentric (eccentricity being common among birders, but hers was unique, especially with the way she pronounced certain words). What was most endearing was her enthusiasm--which was amply supplied at those rarity gatherings of local birders (I particularly remember the Olympia Redwing and the Skagit County Falcated Teal). Getting fired up about something great out there, and enjoying the comraderie that follows--isn't that what birding should be all about?

Ruth reminded me of a birding version of the late Nelsa Buckingham, a person perhaps no one in Tweeterland knew in past years. Nelsa was the champion-veteran of Olympic Peninsula vascular plants (wrote Flora of the Olympic Peninsula), she lived for many long years in Port Angeles. Like Ruth, she was larger than life, short in stature--but, even in her elderly years--was a sparkplug of enthusiasm for her pursuit.

I think one of the earlier contributor probably said it best that Ruth must have had one heck of a lot of adversity to live through. I remember asking her about WW2 also, and also got the sense that there could not have been a more horrid place to be than where she was in the immediate post-WW2 period...

Ruth Sullivan R.I.P.

Scott Atkinson

Lake Stevens

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