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Subject: Jetty Island, Memorial Day
Date: Tue, 31 May 2016 21:02:19 -0700
From: Dennis Moore <dennisdmoore at comcast.net>
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Jeff Gibson's observations are valid. I am also saddened by the
reduction of bird populations. However, laying all the blame at the
feet of humanity is questionable. We just experienced an historic
El-Nino with the resultant weather disruptions. The depth of these last
years of drought severely depressed insect populations. Many nests of
insectivores failed. When bird reproduction is suppressed attrition by
other factors takes a disproportionate toll. That event is carrying
over to this year. I have seen fewer returning insectivores and much
lower nesting populations in previously productive areas. Jaunita Bay is
notable. Low counts of tree swallows and almost non-existent barn
swallows.//The bats have thinned out. I suspect this hangover will last
longer than we would like. Even insects have life cycles depending on
weather. Rebuilding a good food stock and replacing the lost flyers
will take time. Rejoice in the beauty and strength of the survivors and
be hopeful for their recovery.

Safe travels.

Dennis Moore

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