[Tweeters] Wylie Slough July 11

Carla Corin cw_corin at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 12 13:46:22 PDT 2016

We stopped at Wylie Slough yesterday, and when we got there around noonish there was a large group of Dowitchers which, in the basis of barred sides/flanks, lack of white on bellies, and rounded back, I think were Long-billed. There were quite a few Western Sandpipers, and I think some least. The biggest surprise was a Stilt Sandpiper that we photographed sleeping on a log with a couple of Westerns and a yellowlegs. Didn't have a field guide with us, but the brownish cap, darker legs, and heavily barred flank/belly made me take a crummy photo and I was able to ID it from that. We also saw a pair of Eastern Kingbirds along the trail leading to the eagle nest.

Carla Corin

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