[Tweeters] Harlequin female/juvenile question

Mary Ayres justcallmary at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 13 19:18:05 PDT 2016

This week we were at Marble Creek campground, along Cascade River east of Marblemount. We were lucky enough to spot harlequins swimming upstream on the fast moving river. We saw no identifiable males.

First we saw two together, then later three. All seemed about the same size and I am a relatively new birder and could not differentiate females from first year fledglings - actually thrilled to figure out they were harlequins since I've only seen males in the winter off Beach Drive in W Seattle.

My question is would the youngsters be approximately the same size as adults by now? Or would the females go off to feed together?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Mary Ayres
Justcallmary at yahoo dot com.
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