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One thing that hummers, at least here (Rufous??) do is migrate upslope into the mountains chasing bugs and wildflowers. Looking for a dense food supply prior to migration. What's left may be the now-esident Anna's.

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I live on 5 acers completely surrounded by over 50 acres of forest.

I have the same event happen every year with the hummingbirds that come to my feeders.

In the early spring, I have many hummingbirds swarming the feeders. I have 5 feeders out, each with 6 holes. There are so many humming birds that they are swarming around tthe feeders like bees coming into a hive.

In the early part of July everything changes. Nearly all the hummers dissappear. For the rest of the summer there are only 2 or 3 that come in and out on an occasional basis.

I've lived in this house for about 19 years now and the same event has happened every single year.

Can anybody help shed light on what's going on?

Larry Baxter
Camano Island

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