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Hi Tweets -
Regarding differences between California & Woodhouse’s Scrub-jays, the ABA Blog this morning linked to a decent article describing the split. Be sure to check out the captions for the photos of the two new subspecies for id details:
https://aphelocoma.com/2016/07/09/western-scrub-jay-is-no-more/ <https://aphelocoma.com/2016/07/09/western-scrub-jay-is-no-more/>

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> I've been confused about the descriptions of the two Scrub-Jays, California and Woodhouse's. I seem to remember something early on describing the potential California as having more white underparts, and the Woodhouse's having more grayish underparts. Now all I'm seeing is that California are "darker" than Woodhouse's. I've seen jays that are darker blue on the backs and heads (with white underparts) and overall duller jays with gray underparts (in one occasion both in the same area north of Los Angeles, in late fall. So, by "darker," are people talking about he darker, crisper blue ones with the white breasts? Or the grayer darker-breasted ones?? I people writing about the ALU changes need to get more specific than just "darker"!


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