[Tweeters] Murder on the refuge

George Neavoll gneavoll at comcast.net
Mon Jul 18 22:33:08 PDT 2016

I don't know how many crows constitute a "murder," but Sabin Belknap and I found a bunch of them at Ridgefield this morning. One flock contained 18, and another 15, besides individuals scattered about. There have been many times when we haven't seen a single AMERICAN CROW on the refuge. They seem to be taking advantage of the mowing going on there now, which is undoubtedly exposing all sorts of insects, voles and other small prey.

TURKEY VULTURES also were out in force. We counted a total of 42, including a kettle of 10. Is it too early for the southward migration to begin?

George Neavoll
S.W. Portland

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