[Tweeters] Sun Mountain Lodge Grouse and Thompson Ridge Road

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 19 21:13:24 PDT 2016

There are numerous Dusky Grouse easily observed at Sun Mountain Lodge.  Last night I had a male on the main road coming in just opposite the exit from employee parking.  This morning I had a female with 3 chicks and another female with 5 chicks at the main registration building and the first building to the west of that.  I also had a single female along Patterson Lake Road right by the lake.
Later on private access/private property along Scotch Creek this morning, we found two Sharp Tailed Grouse in the grasses.
I camped on Thompson ridge Road last night (just off Patterson Lake Road).  My best sighting was a young Black Bear which loped across the road maybe 30 yards in front of the car.  Also found (heard only) were at least two Common Poorwills, a Flammulated Owl (have had them there before) and at least two Common Nighthawks.
I will be doing a blog post on the trip and will post when complete - with some photos.
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