[Tweeters] No Lesser Goldfinches, only Hybrids left

Vicki Biltz vickibiltz at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 07:26:42 PDT 2016

Just wanted to give an update. Yesterday, I only had a couple of females
left, and Ryan Merrill pointed out that one of my photos on Flickr was
actually a likely Hybrid, between Lesser and American. I took very few
photos on Tuesday, not even sure I got any of the Lesser's, as I had so
many other birds present.
Wednesday, and so far today, it is very quiet, and I think I had a large
portion of the Goldfinch flock leave.
I will note that Monday was an insanely busy day, when it came to the
amount of birds, that were present, Tuesday a little less active, and
yesterday was pretty quiet.
If any show up I will post again, and I will try to start using Ebird in
a more timely fashion.
Vicki Biltz
Buckley, WA 98321

vickibiltz at gmail.com
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