[Tweeters] Incidental Birding on Yakima River Float Trip

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 21 20:58:07 PDT 2016

I floated 15 miles on the Yakima River today from Ringer Road to Big Pines.  Fishing was great although the catching wasn't.  Always fun to float a river and although I did not actively bird it was hard not to pay some attention.  So different to bird from that perspective.
Most striking to me was the abundance of Eastern Kingbirds and Spotted Sandpipers.  A half dozen or more of the latter and AT LEAST 25 Eastern Kingbirds. Lots of Pewees, Swallows and Warblers (many Chats) 2 Wild Turkeys and many Osprey.    

Blair Bernson
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