[Tweeters] Mercer Island Olive-sided Flycatchers (Yes, plural!)

Joshua Glant josh.n.glant at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 10:42:31 PDT 2016

Hello Tweets,

This morning I had at least two and possibly three olive-sided flycatchers calling from the forest beyond my yard! They were doing rapid, almost continuous strings of pip-pip-pips in 3s and 4s, with perhaps also a couple songs. On July 16th last year I also heard two olive-sideds singing in my yard. I'm wondering if this is evidence of breeding, or just post-season dispersal!

A Hutton's vireo also landed in the hedge beside me as I listened to the flycatchers. I love my yard!

Good birding, Joshua Glant
Mercer Island, WA

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