[Tweeters] Virginia Rail at Edmonds Marsh

Bevbowe1 bevbowe1 at aol.com
Sat Jul 23 18:25:35 PDT 2016

I was reminded today that in the mundane there may be treasures,,,. With a bit of time to kill before an appointment late this morning I stopped at the Edmonds Marsh to have a lok. It was a rather sparse offering, Other than a few American Crows, Marsh Wrens, and a scattering of mixed swallows, the rest of my finds were singletons - an Anna's Hummingbird, an American Robin, a Mallard, and a solitary Killdeer, flying over me at the end of the boardwalk. A bit disappointed, I reminded myself that it was after all, midday, and started to walk back to my car. I got halfway to the parking lot when something caught my eye and there they were - life birds for me! Not one, but FOUR Virginia Rails: a parent and three fluffy black chicks! just goes to show that there is always something new when you keep eyes peeled! They were far away and my photos aren't the best but here is a link to my EBIRD list.

Happy Birding!
Bev Bowe
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