[Tweeters] Lewis county birds this past weekend

Evan Houston evanghouston at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 21:19:18 PDT 2016

Hi Tweeters,

Jordan Gunn and I met in Packwood for a weekend trip (with our families)
that turned out to have some good Lewis Co. birding.

On Saturday morning we visited the burn area about 1 mile up the Sand Lake
#60 trail mentioned by Matt Bartels earlier this summer, using directions
provided by Dave Hayden's handy Lewis Co. Highway 12 site guide. On Sunday
morning we visited Peters Rd. in Randle. My wife and I wrapped up our trip
in the afternoon/evening by doing a beautiful hike in the Goat Rocks area,
starting on the Snowgrass Flat trail and then hiking south on the PCT to
Cispus Basin.

Here are the highlights, arranged in taxonomic order:

- Pine Marten (a.k.a. American Marten)! This was an exciting mammal
"lifer" we saw coming down the Snowgrass Flat trail - before it bounded
off, it posed in the middle of the trail just long enough to give a great
look but not long enough for a photo. It looked a lot like this endearing
photo: http://tinyurl.com/o7h8a6e

- Harlequin Duck - in Packwood - for the specific location, copy and paste
these coordinates into Google maps: 46.6340, -121.6659

- Common Nighthawk - heard at dawn and dusk in Packwood

- Williamson's Sapsucker - at the Sand Lake trail burn area, found by doing
some exploring in this fun spot

- Dusky Flycatcher - on the way up to the Sand Lake trail burn area

- Clark's Nutcracker - at the Sand Lake trail burn area, and also on the
PCT near Snowgrass Flat

- Bank Swallow - a couple at both Kehoe Rd. and Peters Rd. near Randle. It
was fun to pick through the swallows that were staging at both of these

- Mountain and Western Bluebirds - both appeared to be nesting at the Sand
Lake trail burn area, but there were more Mountains

- Yellow-breasted Chat - a surprise bird singing a little bit at Peters
Rd. We tried and failed to get views, but perhaps it will stick around for
a few days. On the east side of Peters Rd. at this spot: 46.5273,

- Chipping Sparrow - a juvenile gathering grit along the roadway, near the
Chat spot

- Lazuli Bunting - multiple at both Kehoe Rd. and Peters Rd.

- Cassin's Finch - good numbers at the Sand Lake trail burn area

According to eBird, I managed to surpass doubling my Lewis County life
list. (not quite so impressive since it was only at 40 before the weekend!)

Good birding,
Evan Houston
Seattle, WA
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