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I'll throw in another option -- a NEXUS pass, which includes the bonus of
getting across the border to Canada (great birding...) with a 0-10 minute
wait instead of up to 3 hours and 40 minutes (my pre-NEXUS personal
record). Information:


On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 7:25 PM, Jim Danzenbaker <jdanzenbaker at gmail.com>

> Hi Tweeters,


> As is usually the case, the combined knowledge of all of you in

> tweeterland has far surpassed my elementary understanding of Washington

> State's Enhanced Driver's License program. Many of you responded to my

> e-mail that I sent this morning - some copying tweeters and others were

> private responses. I want to summarize all of the responses here so that

> all of you have the benefit of those responses. My apology for the length

> of this e-mail:



> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Apparently standard Washington drivers licenses don't require proof of

> residency. That's the issue that the article below discusses.

> http://www.seattletimes.com/life/travel/standard-drivers-license-soon-wont-get-you-aboard-aircraft/


> "The federal REAL ID Act, passed in 2005, requires proof of U.S.

> citizenship or proof of lawful status in the U.S. in order for a license to

> be valid for federal use. People without valid federal IDs might

> eventually need a passport or have to go through other screening processes

> in order to travel domestically or enter federal buildings."Washington

> state already offers enhanced driver’s licenses and IDs that are valid

> under the federal law. The state’s enhanced driver’s license or ID card

> costs more than the standard issue and requires presentation of proof of

> citizenship, such as an original birth certificate or a naturalization

> certificate. Standard Washington licenses or ID cards can be upgraded to

> enhanced status for a calibrated fee of $3 per year remaining on your

> current license or ID card. The other option for flying is to present a

> U.S. passport, which costs more than a state ID and can take up to five

> weeks to obtain."


> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Others may also respond but I wanted to tell you that Washington State

> does have an enhanced driver's license. You have to go through an

> interview with someone at the WA Dept. of Licensing to get it but it is

> readily available if you want one. I've had one for about five years.


> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Jim: I just got my drivers license renewed and in the info sent me it

> talked about the enhanced drivers license and from that info I gathered

> that its addition added on so you can go to Canada and probably Mexico-who

> the hell knows... I passed my info onto anther scared senior citizen. If

> you call up the WA license web it will tell you. Think it is about $10

> more.m That’s a heck of a lot cheaper then a passport—esp when they screw

> the passport up in the first place and make a correction. What a

> frustration that was for me going to Australia thru Hawaii. It was a

> Japanese at HI airport that gave me a bad time.


> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> This change was made at JBLM as well I believe Jan. 1st? Sometime around

> there.. it was on a National level. How strictly it's enforced? I'm not

> sure. I wasn't required but was prepared haven been pre-approved probably

> helped? I don't know.


> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Washington State does offer Enhanced Drivers Licenses, Enhanced

> Intermediate Licenses, and Enhanced ID Cards.

> http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/edlget.html

> I have a WA Enhanced Drivers License and it works well at the Yakima

> Training Center, where I also have the required annual YTC Recreation Card.

> I think the Rec' Card costs about $10. Getting one requires reading some

> material on YTC regulations and signing that you agree to follow those

> regulations. It's available at the gym / Rec' Center. In addition to the

> Enhanced Drivers License and YTC Rec' Card, Vehicle Registration and proof

> of current vehicle insurance are also required on every visit. Motorcycles

> are not permitted down range. Accessing Priest Rapids Lake, and entering

> and leaving the base through any place other than the main gate, though

> commonly practiced, continues to be explicitly prohibited.


> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Alternatively, I believe if you have a valid passport that also would work

> if you know in advance you will be visiting a military base.


> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> We are life long WA residents who have enhanced drivers licenses.

> They are also good for entering Canada. They take a photo of your eye

> pupil to confirm I d.


> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> This rule does apply at JBLM, and requires a passport or a WA enhanced

> driver's license which allows access to and from Canada without a passport.

> There may be some other photo id that would suffice as well, but a regular

> WA driver's license is no longer sufficient.


> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Here's how to get a WA EDL:


> http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/edl.html


> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> They don't know in Arizona what is happening in Washington. I have had an

> enhanced drivers license here for years.


> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


> I hope this information helps.


> Thanks again tweeterland!


> Jim Danzenbaker

> Battle Ground, WA


> On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 12:24 PM, Jim Danzenbaker <jdanzenbaker at gmail.com>

> wrote:


>> Tweeters,


>> This is an fyi for birders who may be visiting birding locations that are

>> on or accessed through military bases in the United States.


>> Several weeks ago, I spent some quality time in southeast Arizona

>> enjoying such specialties as Slate-throated Redstart, Buff-collared

>> Nightjars, Five-striped Sparrows, and Rufous-capped Warbler. I ended my

>> five day trip with a planned visit to Huachuca Canyon which is accessed

>> through Fort Huachuca Army Installation located next to Sierra Vista, AZ.

>> As is typically the case when entering a military base as a visitor, sign

>> in and obtaining a visitor pass is required. Everything went smoothly

>> until the officials asked me what state I was from. When I said

>> "Washington", I was asked for TWO forms of photo identification. I had

>> only one. The reason why two forms were required for Washington State

>> driver's license holders is because the state of Washington does not have

>> an enhanced driver's license (whatever that is). They asked me for a car

>> registration since that would be a valid photo identification substitute.

>> I had a rental car so that didn't work. I eventually found my USAA credit

>> card and, since I was requesting a Visitor Pass for only 6 hours, I ws

>> eventually approved for the one time visit.


>> My thought for the Tweeters community is that if you are planning on

>> visiting a birding location which is accessed through a military base and

>> you have a Washington State driver's license, be prepared to be asked for a

>> second form of photo identification. According to the officer who I spoke

>> with, this rule may not be applied consistently across all military bases

>> but it certainly seems to be enforced at Fort Huachuca. He mentioned that

>> they were able to come up with an alternate plan for visitors with an

>> Arizona driver's license (must be another state which doesn't have an

>> enhanced license) since they get so many visitors with Arizona driver's

>> licenses.


>> I don't know if this rule applies to visitors entering Lewis-McCord or if

>> they've come up with an Arizona type plan which waives the two photo

>> identification requirement for in-state driver's license holders.


>> I hope this helps any of you who may be planning out of state birding

>> locations accessed through military locations.


>> Keep your eyes and ears skyward.


>> Jim

>> --

>> Jim Danzenbaker

>> Battle Ground, WA

>> 360-702-9395

>> jdanzenbaker at gmail.com





> --

> Jim Danzenbaker

> Battle Ground, WA

> 360-702-9395

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