[Tweeters] Re: visiting birding locations accessed through military bases

rich at rjassociates.ca rich at rjassociates.ca
Thu Jul 28 18:34:34 PDT 2016

Just to clarify further the cross-border use of an enhanced DL.

This can be used to enter USA/Canada by land or ferry only, NOT flying.
(I do not know about Mexico.)

To fly you must have a valid passport (visa's may also be required if
not a US/Canadian citizen), or a NEXUS card or equivalent
"per-clearance" document. A "standard" DL is not acceptable to fly.

Nexus cards also get you through more quickly, once you get to the point
where the backup splits... <G>.

At Blaine (US entry) any electronic ID is apparently acceptable in the
expedited lanes.

Richard James, Victoria, BC (Currently in Forks, WA)

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