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Sammy Catiis Hikersammy at msn.com
Thu Jul 28 19:34:19 PDT 2016

With my two friends Joanne and Rick, we were watching an Osprey nest that has only has 2 chicks.. one fledged earlier this week and was struggling to fly back and forth to the nest for food.. when another stray fledgling showed up and was hoping for a hand out. Mom finally came with the food..(about a half hour later) dropped it off.. for the Male that had fledged.. Did a stare down with the entruder, flew off to a post.. and then well after 5 min in.. she came barrelling in and the entruder flew off.. a flight fight ensued and the youngster.. probably an accidental fledgling.. The Intruder (female) tried to land somewhere.. but kept being chased off.. off it went.. I think. Felt bad for her, but what a thing to wittness. The other thing that was happening in the nest was the Female that had not fledged yet.. the whole time the entruder was in the nest, was at the edge wanting to get out of there. The other chick didn't seem to care. Soon after the fight, the young Female took to the air about 5 times.. pretty high at one point.. and scared herself as she almost got blew off by the wind.. as I left.. the two rightful chicks at the nest, and Momma standing gaurd on her perch.

Another fun thing that happened, I mentioned Brother had just recently fledged and wasn't too strong yet.. earlier during the day after a few failed attempts at landing, he went for a post, but his Dad was already on it.. Landed right on top Dad.. haha That could really hurt.... Dad Shrugged him off.. haha

Luckly, I got all of the above documented in picts. Was really something to see 3 fledglings in the nest.. I was so confused as we had thought by assumption, it was the parent that had flown in, till it acted differently calling out with the others for food.. then we looked.. what? They all looked the same.. it was hard to tell who was who.. Felt bad for the lost fledgling..hoping he found the right nest tonight and got fed.

Fun times..


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