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Sammy Catiis Hikersammy at msn.com
Sun Jul 31 09:30:44 PDT 2016

Just for anyone who watches the Wylie Eagles.. the nest does in deed already have a new owner. A four year old has been hanging around all Spring.. and just yesterday, was sitting on the nest. There was an Eagle in the nest as well, but I never seen it move, so it may be the fate of the old female who I believe had been the same owner for at least the past 15 years.. IDK. I didn't think she would make it this year, and this year she had 3 offspring.. all three looked healthy. Last time I had checked, there was only 2 that had not fledged.. so I'm thinking one got booted or fell out.. or fledged early. I'm not sure. The other two were getting air though. Now fast forward 3 week.. and new owners.

I have close up photos of the old female from last year and this year. This year, she had feathers growing out of her nostrils.. true.. and her whole face looked pretty thin. New life comes in to take over and supply the new generations.. just as it should be.

Happy Birding

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