[Tweeters] Pre-check, was Enhanced WA Drivers Licenses

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There are various ways to get Pre-Check. For example, if you are in the Global Entry program, or if you have Nexus, etc. All of these automatic entry programs carry Pre-Check as an added benefit. I am not certain, but I think some elite flyer programs also have it. Seniors are being added to pre-check on a random basis because it is easier for folks not to have to take off shoes, etc. Other than the random assignments, you would have to have EITHER passport or enhanced driver’s license verification (but not both) at some point to get automatic pre-check status in any of these programs.

IMO, if you fly much and you don’t have an enhanced driver’s license, you should always carry a passport. Unenhanced drivers’ licenses are not considered a secure form of ID (they are too easy to fake) and you do not want to waste time on that if for some reason you get pulled out of an airport screening line! I am a little surprised that being a border state, ours are not just automatically enhanced. This is like chips on credit cards – the US seems to be behind in basic security measures that nearly all other western countries use, which could lessen the need for the more annoying TSA/border stuff (not to mention being turned away from a favorite birding destination!).

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I get TSA-PRE-CHECK all the time and don't have an enhanced drivers license.

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This may have been covered already, but the other advantage of having an Enhanced Driver’s License is that when visiting Canada and possibly Mexico, a passport is not required. Several years ago when I expected to be traveling extensively to Alberta, I obtained one. I believe that having one also makes being given TSA pre-check status more likely. I have found that approximately 75% of the time I get TSA pre-check status automatically without having spent the money and going through the hassles to obtain the TSA pre-check status. Of course I only fly a few times per year.

Tom Merritt

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