[Tweeters] Snowy Egret Sat July 30th

charles jensen cjensen31 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 31 10:21:34 PDT 2016

I was at the Fife location yesterday afternoon and did see the fishing Snowy Egret with two other birders. Nearing 3pm it seemed to me the fishing slowed down significantly with less and less stalking, running around and success. Myself and the other birder still there decided to leave and compared WA State lifer lists of 362 and 361 and returned to cars. After making a U turn I passed the pond and I did see the Egret flying NORTH at 3:05pm toward the opposite side of the pond from the tall tower. I did not know if it would leave and return regularly or not…but I did put in my EBird report.

Chuck Jensen
cjensen31 at yahoo.com
Renton WA

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