[Tweeters] Snowy Egret today - yes

Debra Lewis goofyone at msn.com
Sun Jul 31 15:58:00 PDT 2016

Good afternoon

Sorry for the late report but those looking for the egret you didn't have to go very far. We watched it for quite a while this morning in the same development it was in yesterday. It was just around the corner in the larger swamp just north of where it was yesterday. If you were driving around you would not have seen it. There is a small park in the development with a sign that says Saddle Creek . We parked in front of the sign and followed the split rail fence to the left/north and heard a heron squawk and went as far as we could until the park ends. The heron and the egret both flew up - the egret landed in a tree and was preening . A short time later it was back in the water where we could not see it. So we waited and it eventually walked out hunting for breakfast. We only got peek-a-boo shots of it because of the heavy under growth of trees. I posted a picture of a map of facebook if you wanted to look at the Western Washington birders page. It's a terrible map and I'm sorry about that but I hope it helps.

Please note that this is essentially peoples back yard - although there is a fence - so please be respectful of their privacy.

Happy birding all

D. Lewis

North Bend, WA

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