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Randy Robinson rwr.personal at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 18:02:37 PDT 2016

Using the Birder's Dashboard you can see checklists for all species,
reviewed or not, at all locations, hotspots or not, within a 10 km radius
of any spot you choose.

For Washington state, use the Washington Dashboard:

For all 50 states and Canadian provinces go to

When the dashboard first comes up it will show recent notable sightings for
the entire state. Click on the “Choose any location” button above the map,
then zoom the map to your desired location. Click the map on your location.
The dashboard will put a blue marker at the location, then gather all
checklists within 10 km of that point. (This usually takes a minute or so
depending on how many checklists there are and how busy the eBird database

Once the dashboard gets the checklists it will place a red marker at the
location for each checklist. It also shows a list of all species seen at
all locations. You can then click on the species of interest and the
markers for the locations that have that species turn green. By clicking on
a location marker you can see the recent checklists for that location. If
you click on a green marker the selected species will show up in bold.

For a bird like the Snowy Egret that is not at a hotspot, many of the
markers for the personal locations people use for their checklists will
overlap. Zoom in as far as you can on the map to see all the markers.

Click on the "Mobile" button (upper left) for a version of the dashboard
formatted for a phone.

Randy Robinson
Seattle, WA
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