[Tweeters] Black-throated Blue in WW - yes

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 07:18:05 PDT 2016

Yesterday late afternoon, the male Black-throated Blue Warbler was singing away exactly where it was seen during the WOS conference.

It took me a while to find the spot, as it was further south than I expected - just exactly 0.5 miles from the end of Blacksnake Ridge Rd.   The tree on the west side of the road is ringed a couple of times with pink tape.  Right across the road was indeed a female Williamson's Sa poo sucker.  The trail is very well marked and easy walking.  I heard the BTBW long before I got to the 2nd pink ringed tree that announced the bird's territory.  The warbler was still right there.

This morning, Lyons Ferry had been quiet, with the most notable birds being an American White Pelican on the Whitman side, and several Lesser Goldfinch.

- Michael Hobbs

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