[Tweeters] Yakima River Canyon June 22

Wally Davis wallydavis3 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 08:58:32 PDT 2016

Made another trip through the Yakima River Canyon yesterday with stops at
Umtanum Canyon and the milepost 10 boat ramp where Barbara Deihl report a
prairie falcon nest (now empty). Umtanum Canyon was close to bird free. I
only saw 3 birds after crossing the river - a raven, a black capped
chickadee, and a downy woodpecker. All of the beautiful vantage spots on
top of the trees were empty. Total for the two stops was 16 species:

Prairie falcon

Bald eagle


Eastern kingbird



RW blackbird


Black capped chickadee

Brewers blackbird

Downey woodpecker

RS flicker

Mourning dove

Cedar waxwing

American goldfinch

Unident sparrows

Wally Davis


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