[Tweeters] VThrushes and Rapturous Raptor Field Trip / Caryn / Wedgwood

Caryn Schutzler bluedarner1 at seanet.com
Tue Mar 1 10:08:34 PST 2016


Just had a pair of Varied Thrushes (9ish) - we had not seen them for a while and thought they'd gone up into the hills already. Too early?

Luckily the raptors we not in our garden this time (as I have seen plucked VT feathers strewn around here before...) but up on the Skagit after an amazing day with Bud Anderson and his Rapturous Raptor (RR) guides getting us great views of so many gorgeous birds. (Have to mention my Totem Towhee showing up at the PB Center first thing - I seem to always have a Towhee at my field trips - my mom checking in)

Like at the Oscars (though we did not see gold as in Golden Eagle or Gyr ) we had a cast of thousands (ok, hundreds - depending on species of course!) - from one lone GH Owl in a nest, to many Bald Eagles - in various stages of development - kinda like all of us birders. (Thank you RR Wendy for suggesting to me so gently to try my scope w/out my glasses! Eye opening!!)

Enjoyed watching one Red Tail soaring, one staying put, like a kite, but then started seeing those "footballs" on the wires. They got easier and easier to id. And then a few Rough-legged came along and got to get some good scope id on them. And then to see peregrines sitting on the ground! That is if you could spot them! But our eagle eyed RR's and Bud of course got us to them!! There were Kestrels - which was trying hard to be a Merlin.

Heading back to the PB center, the RR's stopped to scope a perched Peregrine with a full crop - like we had a few hours earlier at the Farm to Market Bakery!!. Thanks to RR Sue for the Polenta Lime Cakes there! Awesome!!

This is just a snapshot of our day, that was incredible, including RR Becky's amazing CC and Ginger Pecan cookies! Mmmm.... The whole group - Bud and his RR's all deserve Oscars! Even the Raven's would agree!!! (Chris Rock's comment) Thank you for your patience and knowledge and good humor!

Luckily the weather cooperated too! Hmmm, I know I forgot to thank someone, but the music is playing me off...will depend on other's posts for more PC (photgraphically correct) info.

Caryn / Exhausted but Happy in Wedgwood (Harrier Hair ;-))

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