[Tweeters] Salish Sea cruise with Dennis Paulson

Teri Martine terimartine at me.com
Tue Mar 1 20:08:22 PST 2016

FYI Tweeters -- Dennis Paulson will be the onboard naturalist and lecturer on a seven-night cruise in the Salish Sea offered by Un-Cruise Adventures, beginning April 16. The cruise is one of this company's "theme cruises" and will focus on birds and marine mammals. For more info, see the link below. You will have to navigate around a bit to learn more about the company and their cruises. Dennis is listed under the "theme hosts" for various cruises, at https://www.un-cruise.com/why-us/theme-cruises/guest-hosts#dennis. I'm not sure if this is still offered, but earlier the website listed a $200 travel credit if you mention code WT3UW36. Cheers & happy birding --
Teri Martine


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