[Tweeters] Toppenish NWR Field Trip - March 6th (Sunday)

Eric Heisey magicman32 at rocketmail.com
Wed Mar 2 10:28:09 PST 2016

Hey all,
This Sunday (March 6th), I will be leading a field trip to the Toppenish NWR and Fort Simcoe area. This is during the peak of waterfowl migration, and a few of the refuge's early migrants (like Say's Phoebe, Sagebrush Sparrow, and Loggerhead Shrike) are beginning to filter in. It truly is a fantastic time to bird this area! Species diversity is typically fabulous, last year on this trip we had 78 species, 70 of which were on the refuge! I did a scouting trip last Friday, and ended up with 77 species, so it appears that this year will probably be pretty similar. Some target species for the trip (Things we saw either last year, or that I saw last weekend on my scouting effort. We should see most, but I am not guaranteeing anything) are:-Greater White-fronted Goose-Eurasian Wigeon-Trumpeter Swan-Chukar-Sandhill Crane-Northern Saw-whet Owl-Short-eared Owl-Golden Eagle-Loggerhead Shrike-Bushtit-Sagebrush Sparrow
It should be a great trip! There are always at least a few interesting birds to be found. If you're looking for a way to seriously add some birds to your year list (I added 10 last weekend, I'm at 129 now for the year i Yakima County!), or just looking to get some great looks at the awesome birds that call this area home, this will be the trip for you! I will be out early owling, if you are at all interested, let me know, otherwise, we will be meeting at 7:30 am at the Branding Iron in Toppenish. From there, we will head out around the refuge, working our way along Pumphouse Rd, making several stops. We will then head out to Fort Simcoe and Pom Pom Rd, then head back and bird the northern side of the refuge. If people are up to it, we can go out to Lateral C or Old Goldendale Rd at dusk and look for Short-eared Owls. Anyway, please let me know if you are interested beforehand by emailing me at magicman32 at rocketmail.com. Walk-ons are always accepted, but I really appreciate knowing who will be there so I can plan out logistics in advance. Hope to see you Sunday!
Good birding,
Eric Heisey

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