[Tweeters] 2015 Washington Birder List Report

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Thu Mar 3 09:26:47 PST 2016

The 2015 List Report, Big Day Report and 1992-2015 County Statistics are now available on the Washington Birder website. This annual tradition, which began as a 2 page List Report, was first published in Washington Birder newsletter, Volume 1, 1993 and is now 22 years old.

For Ken and I, April to December 2015 was spent updating abundance codes for all county checklists. Many code revisions were made that we hope will better reflect the ever changing distributions of county birds, since our last comprehensive revision, five years ago.

Utilizing a 9 year compilation of county sightings from Matt Bartels County Yearlist Project, Washington Birds Records Committee data, and eBird records we examined each county. In addition, we asked for help from Matt Bartels' County Compilers. Many were willing to help, and in several cases they involved local birders for assistance in developing code recommendations. We want to thank all those individuals who were willing to help us with the project.

We always welcome your suggestions about code changes. Code 1, 2 and 3 species are the most difficult to determine abundance changes in without the help of those who regularly bird a county.

We also appreciate getting firsthand information about "County Firsts" and code 5 sightings. If you find a species that is not on a county checklist or that is a code 5 species, we would love to get an email from you about the sighting at: (info at wabirder.com<mailto:info at wabirder.com>)

Good Birding

Laurie Knittle

Washington Birder

Vancouver, WA


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