[Tweeters] what do birds eat? photos needed

Neil and Carleen Zimmerman n3zims at comcast.net
Thu Mar 3 16:01:47 PST 2016

Hello Tweeters,
I have been reading a interesting article in Bird Watcher's Digest. We all know that birds eat insects but exactly which species are they eating? Should we be planting plants that host certain kinds of insects? Professor Doug Talamy at the U of Delaware is trying to find out. He is looking for photos of birds carrying or eating insects. He has set up a web site- whatdobirdseat.com. The site asks for your name, date, location and best guess as to whether the bird was migrating, feeding young or overwintering. They will try to identify the insects from the photos. Even a single image will be appreciated.
I know there are a lot of fantastic photographers in Tweeterdom. This is another example of citizen science helping all of us learn more about birds. Dig through some of your photos and help add to our knowledge about birds. It seems like many of these studies have a eastern bias. Here is a chance for us western birders to help out.

Neil Zimmerman
Brier, WA

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