[Tweeters] WOS Conference Registration (for field trips and more) starts at 12 noon this Saturday March 5th

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Thu Mar 3 18:07:44 PST 2016

Hi Tweets, there's been bits and pieces on tweeters about the Washington
Ornithological Society Annual Conference in Walla Walla, Thursday June 2nd-
Monday June 6 . You may register and see the list of field trips at
http://wos.org/annual-conference/current-year/. Below is an article from the
latest WOSNEWS161 at http://wos.org/documents/wosnws/wosnews161.pdf that has
a great description of everything.

WOS Walla Walla conferences tend to be highly popular. Conference
Registration (for field trips and more) starts at 12 noon this Saturday
March 5th. Many field trips fill up very quickly so it's a good idea to
check things out before Saturday and be prepared to sign up for field trips
once Saturday comes.

If you have any question or concern about the WOS Conference Registration,
please feel welcome to email or call Shep Thorp at: shepthorp at gmail.com
<mailto:shepthorp at gmail.com> , 253-370-3742. You can practice registration
on test mode until tomorrow evening, Friday at

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to seeing you in Walla Walla,

Ed Swan

WOS Board

edswan2 at comcast.net


Annual Conference Invitation

By Jim Danzenbaker

It's hard to believe that our annual conference is coming up in only four
months. Based on your feedback from last year's conference, we are pleased
to be returning to Walla Walla in the magical month of June when breeding
birds are sporting their most colorful plumage and filling the air with
sweet song. Based at the Marriott in downtown Walla Walla, we will be
offering a full slate of field trips that will visit all the varied habitats
within this species rich area of Washington. If you want to visit the
mountains, we have that! Riverside riparian? We have that! Lakes and
reservoirs? We have that! Interested in owls? We have that! Birding in a
vineyard? We have that too!

Our field trips will visit Walla Walla, Benton, Columbia, and Franklin
counties so all of you county listers will have the opportunity to check off
quite a few species. We have assembled some of the most talented birders in
the state to lead these field trips - leaders who not only know the birds
but also are ready, willing, and able to answer all of your questions
(within reason of course).

We will also be offering a workshop on owls during the conference. Of
course, we have lined up some top-notch speakers for Saturday and Sunday
nights that will be speaking about the very important sagebrush habitat that
is prevalent in the area. If you've enjoyed the "Stump the Chumps" program
that we have offered at the last two conferences, you'll be glad to hear
that we'll be doing it again on Friday night! Your $60.00 conference
registration fee will include the Friday evening social and "Stump the
Chumps" program.

Online registration will begin at noon pst on March 5:

We last had our annual conference in Walla Walla in 2008. That was my first
real chance to participate in a WOS conference and I left with many pleasant
memories - Green-tailed Towhees on a mountain hillside, nesting Williamson's
Sapsuckers, distant foraging black bears, a beautiful territorial male
Indigo Bunting, and hummingbirds galore. I met many WOS members for the
first time and discovered the incredible depth of knowledge and friendship
that this organization has to offer. I invite all of you to attend this
wonderful event and make your own pleasant memories!

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