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Dated December 2015. http://www.wabirder.com/docs/Thurston_list.pdf

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The county checklist referred to must be out of date. I'm aware of ten Say's Phoebes in Thurston County since 1997, half of which have been in the past five years. Reports of the species in western Washington in general have increased substantially in the past decade or so, which I assume is mainly due to the increased number of birders and it being easier to report sightings than in the past, rather than a real increase in migrants in western Washington.

Thurston County Say's Phoebes:

3/4/2016 Olympia

2/23/2016 Nisqually NWR

1/28-2/26/2014 Black River

4/9/2012 Hawks Prairie

3/13-3/20/2012 Capitol Lake

3/13/2008 Olympia

3/5/2007 Tenino

3/10/2004 Littlerock

12/14/2003 Nisqually

2/18/1997 Olympia

Good birding,

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The Washington Birder county checklist says there are less than 5 records of Say’s Phoebe in Thurston County.

Wally Davis


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Hi folks

Just before noon, I saw a bird flycatching atop Office Bldg. 2 at 11th & Washington in downtown Oly WA.

I put my binocs on it & was pleased to see it was a Say'd Phoebe. I watched it for about 5 minutes until it flew to the Licensing Blg. & out of view.

Interestingly, I saw one in the same spot about 10-12 years ago at this time of year.


Jon. Anderson in OlyWA

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