[Tweeters] Say's Phoebe in Olympia

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I was simply pointing out that the bird is listed as less than 5 records on the Washington Birder checklist. Obviously the footnote needs to be changed. There’s no doubt in my mind that the birds were seen.

Wally Davis


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Hi Wally,

I imagine that the species is 'regular' but uncommon in the County. The eBird map shows quite a number of records in Thurston County, mostly this time of year (February & March) as the early migrants pass through the region.

This bird was on top of a 6-story building, and I lucked into seeing it because I was looking out the 6th-story window of an adjacent building. I went downstairs 20 minutes later to try to re-find it, as did a couple other Olympia birders, but to no avail. It was raining this afternoon; I don't know if that will speed its migration, or slow it down.


Jon. Anderson in OlyWA


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The Washington Birder county checklist says there are less than 5 records of Say’s Phoebe in Thurston County.

Wally Davis


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