[Tweeters] Good time to view the Heron Rookeries on Soos Creek Trail & Kent Ponds

Rex S. Takasugi rextak at msn.com
Sun Mar 6 10:30:10 PST 2016

Hi, Tweeters!

This is a good time to view the Great Blue Heron Rookery on Soos
Creek Trail in Kent (actually kind of between Kent and Covington). The
herons are flying back and forth building their nests, and the lack of tree
foliage makes it easy to see the nests and herons. The parking area nearest
the rookery is off 148th Ave SE (47°22'42.7"N 122°08'38.0"W) where there are
the maintenance barns for the Kent Parks Department. From the graveled
parking area walk the paved trail across the Soos Creek to the main trail
and turn right (south) and walk the trail for about 200 yards and you’ll
easily see the rookery to the right (looking west). You probably can also
see the herons from 148th Ave. SE, but I don’t recommend doing that as there
isn’t much of a shoulder along the narrow road.

There is another rookery behind the Kent Animal Shelter off 64th
Ave S. (look west, 47°24'28.5"N 122°15'18.0"W) in the Kent Ponds area, which
has even more nests and herons than at Soos Creek. Seems like the herons
are doing well here in the Kent area. However, the bald eagle population
also seems to be increasing, so I’m sure the predation on the herons will
increase as well. It’s a “bird-eat-bird” world out there!

Good birding!

Rex Takasugi

Kent, WA

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