[Tweeters] Boy meets girl

Rob Sandelin robsan668 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 20:15:20 PST 2016

This morning was surprisingly warm and sunny and the birds were active. From
my dining area I overlook the top of a grape arbor, which also happens to be
a favorite hangout for birds, probably due to the feeder nearby. Today a
male junco was sitting in the sunshine when a female flew up pretty much
right in front of him. She began to nod her head, and he followed suit. She
spread her tail, and he bowed to her, spreading his tail showing the white
tail feathers. She flew to a lilac and he immediately followed and I
scrambled outside to see if I could continue watching. They played follow
the leader, she leading the way and he following. At one point he flew up
into an apple tree and did his trill song. Another male responded from
across the road and the female flew towards that sound. The male followed
and I lost sight of them for a moment, then two junco's flew out of the
brush, one closely chasing the other. They cut back and forth then the
following male pulled back while the leading bird kept going across the road
and out of sight. The male then flew into the same spot on the apple tree
and trilled with justo. The female popped up and they returned to the grape
arbor. They did the same head bob and bow and then they copulated. They flew
off towards the backyard and throughout the rest of the morning my yard rang
with the trilling of what I assume was the same Junco. I hope they nest in
my yard.

Rob Sandelin

Snohomish County

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