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oops, 7th Ave, not 6th. 6th is on the south side of the Park and parking spots are usually filled by swimmers.

Hello Jon & Tweeters,

Jon, the parking along Walnut Street is within a Residential Permit Zone. Free parking is available East of Chestnut Ave, along 7th Avenue. The RPZ is strictly enforced, in response to residents often being blocked out of their driveways etc by mostly student parking. Seventh Ave east of Chestnut borders the north side of a large grassy area adjacent to the City Pool. I regularly park there for access to Lind Hall and Nick Zentner's open-to-the-public Geology classes. There is also a parking lot just west of D street between 11th & 14th Avenues at which you can buy a day pass for $5 from a meter at the back of the lot.

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Hi Tweets - Back in Edmonds after the whirlwind trip below. In response to Bob K’s question about parking near the campus: We were happy to find a parking place near a campus map on N. Chestnut St. that had a 30-minute limit. We thought - sure! - we’ll be back in an hour or so…Well, turns out, we lingered watching those great birds putting on a show for about an hour. Nice little yellow envelope on the window when we got back to the car. ($15 - not too bad for a life bird for Kathleen). So, I would recommend trying street parking on Walnut, if available. The Japanese Garden is in line with Walnut (north of the drivable part). Where we found the birds was in a pair of cone-laden spruce trees, north of the Garden and just north of the irrigation canal that crosses the walkable part of Walnut Street on campus. (One of the male White-wings actually flew down to the shore of the canal for a drink, and then went back to work on the cones.) After town, we spent some time driving about the Ellensburg Plateau north and east of town - Nothing too spectacular to report other than an abundance of eagles (both spp.), likely attracted to the calving season; one Roughlegged Hawk, several Red-tails, and a couple of Northern Harriers. Good luck Bob, and (as always) Happy Birding! - Jon Houghton, Edmonds

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Headed east on Rt 2 this morning and found no gulls between Monroe and Sultan. On over to Ellensburg, finally found Japanese garden in the middle of the campus. With help of Curtis and Bobbie Pearson found modest flock of WHITEWINGED CROSSBILLS in spruce trees tot the north across an irrigation canal. Townsend s Solitaire also on campus eating juniper berries. Jon Houghton, Edmonds

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