[Tweeters] asking for Green Heron pictures

Christine Southwick clsouth at u.washington.edu
Wed Mar 9 07:40:54 PST 2016

This year, I've been writing about birds to match holidays. I wrote one about Kinglets for Martin Luther King Day, for Valentine's Day about Barn Owls since they have heart-shaped faces; Lincoln's Sparrow for Presidents Day. Now I need pictures of local Green Herons for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day.

If any of you have pictures of Green Herons and would be willing to share them with me and the readers of the Shoreline Area News, I would be most appreciative.
You will be given photo credit, and it is always neat to see your pictures "in print" (published on line?).
Pictures make my articles. Instead of wasting my limited 400 words with a general description, I can enthuse about their actions and how to find them.

Thanks for you continued support,

Christine Southwick
Shoreline Area News "For the Birds" columnist

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