[Tweeters] Attention Eagle Shoppers!

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Wed Mar 9 11:10:30 PST 2016

Hey, shopping for a Bald Eagle? You might try the Safeway in Port Townsend, they got 'em - at least they did this morning.
I was sitting in my little truck in the Safeway parking lot there, drinking a cup of coffee and eating some Gummy Bear's (I have what some dietitians call a "gummy bear problem" - I am trying to cut back though). So, it was 6am and still a little dark out and as I sat there, minding my own business , when out of the corner of my eye I spotted some large birds circling down to the nearby street intersection, accompanied by a lot of bird sound. "Glaucous - winged Gulls" was my first thought, given the environment, but turning my head I realized it was three Bald Eagles, two adults and one immature.
One adult bird landed on a nearby lawn ,in front of some apartment buildings, and the immature bird hunkered down in the middle of the street about 25 ft away, as the second adult bird flapped in low circles just above. I did have questions as to what the relationship was between the younger bird and the adults - things that were addressed more in recent posts from Martin and Sammy - more astute eagle observers than me. Looked like a kid getting chewed out to me.
The adult on the lawn was facing the younger bird and was calling loudly with wings spread out and down, tail fanned out widely. The young bird assumed sort of a sulking posture - half turned away from the screeching adult. After about a minute of this, all three eagles flew up and passed closely by my truck, flying very low through the parking lot, and I mean low - the adult that flew off the lawn was cruising by the Safeway' front door at about grocery cart height. Imagine the surprise of unsuspecting customers. It was exciting to me - an Eagle seen at such close range is a real big bird.
So there I was ,checking off Bald Eagle on my Parking Lot List, right there along with Glaucous-winged gulls, Brewers Blackbirds, House Sparrows, & White- crowned Sparrows. Actually I don't keep a Parking Lot List, but maybe I should start.
It's quite possible that these Eagles are the same ones that nest by my parents house , atop the hill behind the store. The nest up there is hidden in a grove of tall firs, but the nearby "Eagle Tree" as my dad calls it, is a tall single tree with a long exposed perching branch which makes the Eagles easily seen from the kitchen table. The Eagles remain a touchstone for my gradually fading parents. I can hardly wait to tell them that I saw their Eagles shopping at Safeway.
Jeff Gibsonroosting inPort Townsend WA

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