[Tweeters] Re: hoaxer in our midst?

John Riegsecker jriegsecker at pobox.com
Thu Mar 10 16:58:45 PST 2016

I looked at the exif of the photos of the indigo bunting. They were
taken at 3:03 on March 9, 2016 by a Nikon D50 camera using an 18-55mm
lens. The time on the list is 3:00. It's possible to spoof that
information, but it would seem like a lot of work for no gain that I can

> There have been several sightings posted on eBird and perhaps on

> Tweeters, by "Anonymous eBirder" and another anonymosity with a

> similar moniker. The most recent questionable reports include one on

> a Great Gray Owl out on SR 530 and yesterday's posts and pics of a

> supposed Indigo Bunting - both of these came in on eBird alerts from

> Snohomish Co. with little or no confirmatory sightings, or, in the

> case of this Bunting, high-level description of the bird. And

> Anonymous eBirder has sometimes posted 'rare' sightings from places

> fairly far apart from each other, on the same day.


> This all prompts me to suspect spoofing, which, I hear, is not

> something foreign to either list. But, hey, it's neither April

> Fool's Day (yet) nor very funny, either of which would be, and also

> has been, well-appreciated, at least on Tweeters, back when birders

> could enjoy more tail-pulling. I can see now why someone might get

> off on sending ardent chasers off on wild goose chases, just for the

> power of it all or in order to get a bunch of vehicles parked in one

> place, with lots of pricey optics available for the "Smash+Grab".


> I'm not sure why anyone would wish to share sightings anonymously in

> the first place...


> If any of you have any thoughts as to whether or not to believe these

> folks or to follow any of their sightings or location directions, or

> any other related thoughts, please advise, either just me personally

> or the Tweeterage at large.


> Thanks.






> Barb Deihl


> Matthews Beach Neighborhood - NE Seattle


> barbdeihl

John Riegsecker

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