[Tweeters] Today's "This American Life" & Radiolab (NPR)- Conflicts Between People and Other Animals -3/12/16

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Theme examples from This Amer. Life (today, Sat. 3/12/16)

a hawk in a backyard - (somewhere, USA)
Harbor Seals - San Diego
Wolves - (somewhere in the old days)
"Buzzwinkle" the Moose - Anchorage


Stories of relationships (not all conflicting) between humans and animals, including other humans... This topic seems to be continued, in a sense, in today's Radiolab (can we ever turn an environment, back into what it used to be ? - program is about the Galapagos Islands and the signs of evolution - tortoises, finches, marine iguanas, introduced species like goats and ultimately dealing with extinction. How to eradicate a whole population of goats, using "Judas" goats - showing a real turn-around in the indigenous species of the islands - then come the conflicts between the humans and the saved species - it never ends...

PERFECT TIMING for these shows and ideas and perfectly revealing and humorous - oh, and sad - everything has a touch of sad in it, you know...

"How will we ever survi-ive, u-unless we get a lid on cra-azy ?" (a line from an old song, that they play at the end of this week's "This American Life", segment #582:



Today's Radiolab link:


Take a listen sometime - the visuals will be in the fertile field of your mind

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