[Tweeters] A good decision to not go birding

Chazz Hesselein chazz at hesselein.com
Mon Mar 14 13:42:15 PDT 2016

Friday evening I was filled with self-confidence knowing that an early
start would find me a few hours later with my lifer White-winged
Crossbill in Ellensburg on Saturday. My wonderful wife, Martha, even
made me cowboy cookies or as we call them, hippie lembas, to keep me
sustained during my birding adventure and round-trip drive over the
pass. However, the nausea and abdominal pain that brought me out of
sleep at around midnight made me wonder and three sleepless hours later,
lying on the bathroom floor writhing in discomfort pretty well convinced
me that birding Saturday was a no-go. Fortunately, I see that I
probably would not have scored my target Saturday (sour grapes?) and
instead am glad that I chose to have Martha drive me to the hospital for
emergency appendectomy surgery. Occasionally I make a good decision and
sometimes that decision is to not go birding.

Recuperating at home, White-winged Crossbills hopefully for a later date,

Chazz Hesselein
Port Orchard, WA

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> Saturday and Sunday (today) I searched for White-winged Crossbills near the Japanese Garden on the Central Wash Univ (CWU) campus in Ellensburg. No luck for me. I heard 2 second hand reports of success on Saturday. It was fun watching a flock of about 15 RED CROSSBILLS feed in trees within the garden, dropping to the small stream to drink and to bathe, while I stood a few feet away. In good light, these birds were stunning!



> Also on Saturday I came upon a flock of 20 COMMON REDPOLLS south of CWU in 2 small birch trees at 6th and Sampson. A WESTERN SCRUB-JAY was easy to find at the previously reported location of 2nd and Poplar. Also on Saturday, a TURKEY VULTURE flew around the campus.



> At Sorensen Pond south of Ellensburg, a perched adult PEREGRINE FALCON was eyeing an assortment of ducks. Just east of town, a MERLIN was perched on a post with prey.



> Marv Breece

> Tukwila, WA

> marvbreece at q.com



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