[Tweeters] Swallows

Ken and Tina Grant kenandtina at comcast.net
Mon Mar 14 17:45:34 PDT 2016

Hey all,

Had a couple hours this morning, so I cruised by a couple of my favorite
birding spots in Fall City and Carnation.

I stopped by Chinook Bend, the pond in Carnation, in the pull out above the
pond to see if anything new was there. Tree and Violet-green Swallows were
flying over the water. I also saw what I thought was a single Northern
Rough-winged Swallow, but it seems very early for them.

Wondering if anyone else is seeing them or if you are in Carnation, can
confirm my sighting.

Also the flock of 20 Greater White-fronted Geese are still out in the
flooded fields by Sikes Lake.

Enjoy the birds,

Ken Grant

North Bend

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