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Thanks for your helpful suggestion.

An acquaintance who's a photographer and birder recently was describing a
location where he'd found Sandhill Cranes, then he quickly and easily
shared the location with me using Map Coordinates -- a free program for
Android phones and devices. He had used it to create a Favorite. It was
simple and fast, and was both precise and accurate.

So I installed the free app on my phone. It's very easy to make and share a
location waypoint / waymark / placemark, and gives excellent options:

Current position, or position selected on map
Save to clipboard
Save to contact
Go to address
Copy address
Copy coordinates (N,W Latitude, Longitude -- UTM is in the works)
Measure distance
Address bar
Normal, Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid views
It also offers to turn on the device's GPS if needed.

I still use a standalone GPS receiver that records my mileage and a track
of where I've been (& where I've NOT been), but this Map Coordinate app is
quite handy and unobtrusive.

Good Birding,
Kevin Lucas
Selah, WA

Please always consider the sensitivity of the birds, nearby humans, and

On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 9:55 AM, Wally Davis <wallydavis3 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Tweeters,




> I have not been with you very long and have very much enjoyed the

> reports. On several occasions I have decided to follow up and try to find

> a bird based on a Tweeter report. In each case I have had to go back to

> the original poster for more information because I am not familiar with the

> area and don’t understand local landmarks or local rather than formal (i.e.

> map) names are used (shades of scientific names). My guess is that

> everyone on the Tweeters list carries at least one GPS with them when they

> go birding. GPS receivers are built into almost all phones and tablets and

> are present in many cameras which record position as metadata when a

> picture is taken (assuming the GPS is turned on).




> I would like to suggest that posts, particularly posts with birds which

> many may try to find, include a GPS position(s).




> Cheers,


> Wally Davis


> Snohomish


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