[Tweeters] Steigerwald Burrowing Owl - Yes and No

John Bishop bishopjg at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 19 16:44:31 PDT 2016

There were people watching for the BURROWING OWL at Steigerwald Lake NWR for most of the time between 10am until 3:20pm when I left, with no sign of the owl.
It also was not seen yesterday from 4:30-7:20 pm.

However there it was seen earlier in the morning, before 9:30.

One does wonder whether having people standing above its roost (on a dike) only 60’ away might decrease its likelihood of making an appearance.

A SAYS PHOEBE was present off and on during that period, at least 6 TURKEY VULTURES were seen, and a single SNOW GOOSE was was in a flock of ~500 cacklers feeding in the field west of the barn.

Vancouver, WA

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