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John and Tweeters - There was a very stiff (25 mph per the weather service) wind roaring west down the Gorge when I was there yesterday (Friday 3/18) between 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Two birders from Oregon and waited forever with no cover until the owl stick it's head out ONCE shortly before 3:30 during a (truly) momentary lull in the miserable conditions - at least it wasn't raining! It stuck it's head out just where Bob Flores described in his Tweeters post, to the lower right of the rock with whitewash in the pile of cement/junk with tire. I think there's no question weather/crowd plays a role...

Tom Mansfield in Seattle.

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There were people watching for the BURROWING OWL at Steigerwald Lake NWR for most of the time between 10am until 3:20pm when I left, with no sign of the owl.
It also was not seen yesterday from 4:30-7:20 pm.

However there it was seen earlier in the morning, before 9:30.

One does wonder whether having people standing above its roost (on a dike) only 60’ away might decrease its likelihood of making an appearance.

A SAYS PHOEBE was present off and on during that period, at least 6 TURKEY VULTURES were seen, and a single SNOW GOOSE was was in a flock of ~500 cacklers feeding in the field west of the barn.

Vancouver, WA

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