[Tweeters] Kittitas County Scouting Trip

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Sun Mar 20 22:23:41 PDT 2016

Jean Olson and I will be co-leading a Seattle
Audubon Trip to Kittitas County plus next
Saturday. We had a fun scouting trip today.
Generally birds seemed mostly inactive - probably
due to fairly cool and overcast weather.
Nonetheless we had a lot of good birds - just had
to work harder than usual. Some highlights: Tow
American Dippers at the bridge on Bullfrog Road;
many active Pygmy Nuthatches at the Northern
Pacific RR Ponds in South Cle Elum plus nesting
Tree Swallows and a beautiful male Pileated
Woodpecker; Evening Grosbeaks in South Cle Elum,
Sage Thrashers active and singing in many places
along Vantage Highway and at Gingko SP; Say's
Phoebe, Sagebrush Sparrow and a singing Brewer's
Sparrow at the Corral area/Quilomene on Vantage
Road; Rock Wren (but no Canyon Wren) and numerous
Violet Green Swallows along Huntzinger Road; Great
Horned Owl and Mountain and Western Bluebirds on
Umptanum Road; 10+ White Throated Swifts at
Frenchman's Coulee.

All told we had about 75 species. We are looking
forward to a great trip next Saturday.

Blair Bernson

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