[Tweeters] Marymoor Burrowing Owl now

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Mon Mar 21 03:44:13 PDT 2016

Thanks for the information, Michael.
A few of us were able to see it near the end of the day.
Mr. Sahl and I were able to help protect it from a unleased dog that frenetically approached it-within 10+ feet- by insisting the owner retrieve and leash his dog.
Pretty tense for a short period of time.
(We and)The owl went on SNS arousal/alert, but did not flush.
Interesting to see on video.
He finally did lease his dog and we invited him to see- from a distance-and learn more about how special this owl is. It worked out OK.

It will be interesting to see if the owl immediately continues it's migration or sticks for a few days.
It would be neat to know it's final destination.
Dan Reiff

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> On Mar 20, 2016, at 5:09 PM, Michael Hobbs <birdmarymoor at gmail.com> wrote:


> Got a call from Bob Scmidt that he found a Burrowing Owl at Marymoor Park. I came down and a bit later Ann Marie Woods relocated it.


> It's on logs at the south end of the wood chips behind the compost piles, and is visible from the Viewing Mound next to Lot G


> -Michael Hobbs



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