[Tweeters] Re: OC Warblers

benjamin menzies bentoddm at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 23 10:57:04 PDT 2016

After moving to S. Seattle from NE, I was surprised and of course pleased to see an OC warbler visiting my suet feeder multiple times a day all winter, along with some yellow-rumps. Didn't realize the former bird stuck around, or that warblers like suet.

Another new-neighborhood treat has been seeing and hearing a pair of outgoing Scrub Jays year-round. As a non-expert birder, I'd never seen those west of the Cascades before. If one were interested in seeing them: go to the amazing Daejeon Park pagoda (in the SE armpit of I-90 and I-5) and work your way west up Judkins and 16th--they're often on the wires along 16th, or atop one of the two pastoral-looking garages 1/2 way up the block. Or go south along the path/Sturgis, and west up Atlantic towards the steps.


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