[Tweeters] Lewis County Loggerhead Shrikes, Say's Phoebes

Ryan Merrill rjm284 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 19:42:46 PDT 2016

Adam Crutcher and I spent much of the day looking for migrants in the Upper
Cowlitz Valley, from Morton up to Packwood. The biggest highlights were
TWO Loggerhead Shrikes, TWELVE Say's Phoebes (including seven in one
field!), and seven Western Bluebirds. With all that action it was weird
not seeing any Mountain Bluebirds.

Say's Phoebes
1 S end of Priest Rd present morning and afternoon
1 Sweet Water Farm just east of Glenoma
7 in the fields S of Peters Rd where it intersects with Baugh Rd, including
4 lined up together on one fenceline
1 Falls Rd by the ponds on the N side of the road about a mile down from
Kiona Rd
1 River Run Ranch visible from the highway
1 Riffe Lake east end flycatching from the logs in the afternoon

Loggerhead Shrikes
1 hunting in the big clearcut less than a mile east of Packwood on the
south side of the road, visible from the highway
1 hunting from the logs at the east end of Riffe Lake in the afternoon

Here are some of the other highlights:

Trumpeter Swan - 1 adult Peters Rd wetlands
Northern Pintail - 1m Riffe Lake
Ruffed Grouse - 1 drumming Riffe Lake
Common Loon - 2 Riffe Lake
Western Grebe - 41 Riffe Lake
Northern Harrier - 1 adult female Riffe Lake eating a snake
American Kestrel - 10 including 5 in the fields SE of Morton
swallows - 800+ over Riffe Lake, presumably mostly Violet-green
Bushtit - 1 Glenoma
Bewick's Wren - 3 together just east of Riffe Lake on Glenoma Rd
Western Bluebird - 1f SE of Morton on Skaggs Rd, 6 (4m,2f) Sweet Water Farm
Townsend's Solitaire - 1 clearcut east of Packwood
Audubon's Warbler - 1 south end of Peters Rd
White-crowned Sparrow - 1 likely Gambel's east of Riffe Lake on Glenoma Rd,
1 'pugetensis' in Glenoma
Golden-crowned Sparrow - Priest Rd SE of Morton
Savannah Sparrow - 1 Peters Rd wetlands
Western Meadowlark - 3 SE of Morton, 1 Riffe Lake
Purple Finch - 5 Glenoma

Good birding,
Ryan Merrill
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